Friday, June 27, 2014

New Poll Shows That Republican “War on Women” Is A Lie

The Democrats’ nonstop talk about the Republican “War on Women” is nothing more than a contrived lie. The issues that women care about most are areas where Republicans are strongest—leadership and the economy.

This is confirmed in a recent Republican National Committee poll that found that the most important issues for women are not abortion and birth control, but jobs and household finances. It also found that women value “problem solving”, and are deeply unsatisfied with the status quo in Washington.

This poll shows that women care about far more than so-called “women’s issues”, like liberals would have you believe. Many women share conservative values of limited government and fiscal restraint. Many women support gun rights and keeping the federal government out of our educational system.

Thankfully, the Republican Party is finally starting to recruit female leaders who embody these values.

Take Mia Love, who will most likely win Utah’s 4th congressional district in November: The daughter of Haitian immigrants and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she is proof against the stereotype that all Republicans are old, stodgy white men.

Or Marilinda Garcia, current member of New Hampshire’s House of Representatives and candidate for its 2nd congressional district this fall: Not only is she a Harvard-educated Hispanic women first elected to Congress at only 23 years old, the Republican National Committee named her one of its “Rising Stars” last year.

With so many intelligent, well-spoken and sensible Republican women stepping into the political spotlight, conservative women are finally starting to shine.

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