Friday, June 6, 2014

Why Did The NRA Back Down?

I am a strong Second Amendment supporter. I own a gun. I believe in the God-given right to bear arms.

But these “open carry” shenanigans in Texas are reckless, unsafe, and damaging to the cause of gun rights.

That’s why I found the NRA’s condemnation of these acts to be such a welcome change of tone. The criticisms were spot on — carrying an assault weapon around a fast food joint is “dangerous”, “dubious”, and “counterproductive”.

Even supporters of open carry are saying that the antics do more harm than good. Of course they do!

But then the NRA flip-flopped and issued an apology. Just like so many other conservative groups, the NRA allows itself to be held hostage by its loudest and most extreme members.

This kind of thing is exactly why conservatives are still struggling to take power back in this country. We are our own worst enemies.

We have better ideas, better candidates and more grassroots passion – and yet we let ourselves be defined by talk radio types and weirdos who carry assault rifles into grocery stores.

It’s too bad the NRA doesn’t have the spine to stand by its beliefs. What does it say about the NRA that it won’t stand up to a few hoodlums?

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