Friday, June 27, 2014

New Poll Shows That Republican “War on Women” Is A Lie

The Democrats’ nonstop talk about the Republican “War on Women” is nothing more than a contrived lie. The issues that women care about most are areas where Republicans are strongest—leadership and the economy.

This is confirmed in a recent Republican National Committee poll that found that the most important issues for women are not abortion and birth control, but jobs and household finances. It also found that women value “problem solving”, and are deeply unsatisfied with the status quo in Washington.

This poll shows that women care about far more than so-called “women’s issues”, like liberals would have you believe. Many women share conservative values of limited government and fiscal restraint. Many women support gun rights and keeping the federal government out of our educational system.

Thankfully, the Republican Party is finally starting to recruit female leaders who embody these values.

Take Mia Love, who will most likely win Utah’s 4th congressional district in November: The daughter of Haitian immigrants and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she is proof against the stereotype that all Republicans are old, stodgy white men.

Or Marilinda Garcia, current member of New Hampshire’s House of Representatives and candidate for its 2nd congressional district this fall: Not only is she a Harvard-educated Hispanic women first elected to Congress at only 23 years old, the Republican National Committee named her one of its “Rising Stars” last year.

With so many intelligent, well-spoken and sensible Republican women stepping into the political spotlight, conservative women are finally starting to shine.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Public School Censors Conservatives And Second Amendment Supporters

School administrators in Woodbury, CT, are blocking conservative websites on school computers and leaving liberal websites untouched. 

This shocking act of censorship was discovered when a student named Andrew Lampart was preparing for a school debate on the Second Amendment. During his research, Andrew found that pro-gun websites were blocked on the school’s computers, while anti-gun websites were not.

After some more exploring, he found that all kinds of conservative websites were blocked—Red State, Town Hall and even the website for the Connecticut Republican Party. Yet he could access liberal websites just fine. 

When Andrew asked school administrators what was happening, they said that the websites were blocked to prevent “hate speech”.  

This type of thing makes my blood boil. It is bad enough that schools let liberal teachers spout their lefty views in the classroom. But having an official school policy of censorship toward conservatives? That should be flat out illegal. 

This act of censorship illustrates — yet again — how far liberals will go to indoctrinate young people. Every chance they get, they tell young people that conservatism is bad and that it promotes “hatred”. 

It’s no wonder that everyone under the age of thirty voted for Obama. They were just doing what their teachers’ told them!

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Truth About Fracking

Let’s say you could see the future. And in the future you saw a guaranteed way to increase state revenue and positively support your local community. Wouldn’t you take it?

Some of my fellow Pennsylvanians think otherwise. We are currently sitting on the gold mine that is the Marcellus Shale gas formation. Yet we can’t take advantage of its limitless potential due to the fear mongering of the environmental lobby and misinformation put out by the left.

Last year’s documentary FrackNation confronts the fear mongers head on, using actual data to show that hydraulic fracturing—or fracking, as it is more commonly known—is not as destructive as claimed to be.

Fracking is obviously not a foolproof process. I have apprehensions about potential environmental contamination, as any mother would. Governor Tom Corbett recently lifted the ban on leasing land near state parks and forests for fracking causes me some concern. However, I do not let these concerns because irrational fears.

The majority of Pennsylvanians—around 58% of voters—support fracking. We know that the oil and gas industry added more than 10,000 jobs in Pennsylvania alone from 2007 to 2011. We know that in the same time period, per-capita income rose by 19% in counties with more than 200 wells, and by 14% in counties with between 20 and 200 wells. We know that fracking is helping America inch closer to energy independence (something you never hear liberals talking about anymore – I wonder why?)

I care about my state. Anyone who does should logically support fracking too. But the left has caused cognitive dissonance in the minds of many impressionable Pennsylvanians. It is time for the truth about fracking’s benefits to finally come out, before we lose out on all it has to offer.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Why Women Carry

All around the United States, women are finding the advantages of having a concealed carry permit.

New statistics from Washington show that women are obtaining permits twice as fast as men. A concealed carry instructor in Kentucky, where permits have quadrupled in the past decade, reports that 60-70% of his students are women. Nationwide, the number of female gun owners has almost doubled since 2005.

These women come from all sorts of backgrounds — they are mothers, daughters, and small business owners. Some are young, some are old. Many of them come from liberal areas where gun ownership is not all that common (check out this Seattle Times photo essay about female gun owners in the Washington area.)

But nearly all of them carry a firearm for the same reason — to protect themselves and their families.

These women know that by the time the police arrive it is often too late to stop an assault or a home invasion. They’ve heard the horrifying statistics about how one in five women are victims of sexual assault.

That’s why they are taking inspiration women like Erin in Houston, who was tucking her son into bed when three masked men entered her house. She distracted the men, grabbed her gun, and shot one of the burglars.

This mother was able to protect herself, her son and her home, all by exercising her Second Amendment rights. We can only imagine the tragedy that could have occurred if she hadn’t been allowed to have a weapon.

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Fall Out from Cantor’s Loss

Knowing that I started this blog, one of my liberal sorority sisters from college sent me this article about Eric Cantor’s primary loss last week: 

The lamestream media has been having a field day with David Brat’s win, especially since they discovered the public Facebook page of his 23-year old campaign manager Zachary Werrell. Some snippets from the Facebook page: 

- Comparing George Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin to abortion
- Calling for the end of prescription drug regulation, and the FDA as a whole
- Advocating for a return to the silver monetary standard 

I’m glad she sent me this article. It clearly shows how the Republican Party is slowly being taken over by the silly fringe element. 

The fact that Brat, a college professor and political novice, beat the House Majority Leader is not even the worst part. It is the fact that people like Werrell are grabbing attention in all the wrong ways.

If this pattern continues, it will ruin our chances in the next presidential election. Our nominee for 2016 will have to appease these inflammatory voices in order to effectively engage voters. But they will never really be satisfied, and will distract our party even more from its core values. 

I am disappointed to see Eric Cantor go.  

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Happy Birthday President George HW Bush!

Today is the 90th Birthday of war hero, patriot and President George Herbert Walker Bush. HW Bush is a true leader who worked tirelessly to make America great.

And he celebrated his birthday by skydiving! I can only hope that I’m as courageous and healthy when I’m 90.

A big Happy Birthday from my whole family to this American hero.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Why Did The NRA Back Down?

I am a strong Second Amendment supporter. I own a gun. I believe in the God-given right to bear arms.

But these “open carry” shenanigans in Texas are reckless, unsafe, and damaging to the cause of gun rights.

That’s why I found the NRA’s condemnation of these acts to be such a welcome change of tone. The criticisms were spot on — carrying an assault weapon around a fast food joint is “dangerous”, “dubious”, and “counterproductive”.

Even supporters of open carry are saying that the antics do more harm than good. Of course they do!

But then the NRA flip-flopped and issued an apology. Just like so many other conservative groups, the NRA allows itself to be held hostage by its loudest and most extreme members.

This kind of thing is exactly why conservatives are still struggling to take power back in this country. We are our own worst enemies.

We have better ideas, better candidates and more grassroots passion – and yet we let ourselves be defined by talk radio types and weirdos who carry assault rifles into grocery stores.

It’s too bad the NRA doesn’t have the spine to stand by its beliefs. What does it say about the NRA that it won’t stand up to a few hoodlums?