Monday, June 16, 2014

The Fall Out from Cantor’s Loss

Knowing that I started this blog, one of my liberal sorority sisters from college sent me this article about Eric Cantor’s primary loss last week: 

The lamestream media has been having a field day with David Brat’s win, especially since they discovered the public Facebook page of his 23-year old campaign manager Zachary Werrell. Some snippets from the Facebook page: 

- Comparing George Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin to abortion
- Calling for the end of prescription drug regulation, and the FDA as a whole
- Advocating for a return to the silver monetary standard 

I’m glad she sent me this article. It clearly shows how the Republican Party is slowly being taken over by the silly fringe element. 

The fact that Brat, a college professor and political novice, beat the House Majority Leader is not even the worst part. It is the fact that people like Werrell are grabbing attention in all the wrong ways.

If this pattern continues, it will ruin our chances in the next presidential election. Our nominee for 2016 will have to appease these inflammatory voices in order to effectively engage voters. But they will never really be satisfied, and will distract our party even more from its core values. 

I am disappointed to see Eric Cantor go.  

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