Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Why Women Carry

All around the United States, women are finding the advantages of having a concealed carry permit.

New statistics from Washington show that women are obtaining permits twice as fast as men. A concealed carry instructor in Kentucky, where permits have quadrupled in the past decade, reports that 60-70% of his students are women. Nationwide, the number of female gun owners has almost doubled since 2005.

These women come from all sorts of backgrounds — they are mothers, daughters, and small business owners. Some are young, some are old. Many of them come from liberal areas where gun ownership is not all that common (check out this Seattle Times photo essay about female gun owners in the Washington area.)

But nearly all of them carry a firearm for the same reason — to protect themselves and their families.

These women know that by the time the police arrive it is often too late to stop an assault or a home invasion. They’ve heard the horrifying statistics about how one in five women are victims of sexual assault.

That’s why they are taking inspiration women like Erin in Houston, who was tucking her son into bed when three masked men entered her house. She distracted the men, grabbed her gun, and shot one of the burglars.

This mother was able to protect herself, her son and her home, all by exercising her Second Amendment rights. We can only imagine the tragedy that could have occurred if she hadn’t been allowed to have a weapon.

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