Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Public School Censors Conservatives And Second Amendment Supporters

School administrators in Woodbury, CT, are blocking conservative websites on school computers and leaving liberal websites untouched. 

This shocking act of censorship was discovered when a student named Andrew Lampart was preparing for a school debate on the Second Amendment. During his research, Andrew found that pro-gun websites were blocked on the school’s computers, while anti-gun websites were not.

After some more exploring, he found that all kinds of conservative websites were blocked—Red State, Town Hall and even the website for the Connecticut Republican Party. Yet he could access liberal websites just fine. 

When Andrew asked school administrators what was happening, they said that the websites were blocked to prevent “hate speech”.  

This type of thing makes my blood boil. It is bad enough that schools let liberal teachers spout their lefty views in the classroom. But having an official school policy of censorship toward conservatives? That should be flat out illegal. 

This act of censorship illustrates — yet again — how far liberals will go to indoctrinate young people. Every chance they get, they tell young people that conservatism is bad and that it promotes “hatred”. 

It’s no wonder that everyone under the age of thirty voted for Obama. They were just doing what their teachers’ told them!

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