Friday, July 18, 2014

Political Celebrities and Celebrity Politicians

Hollywood and Washington are an indistinguishable mess. Celebrities think they are political leaders and politicians think they are celebrities. All of them should stick to their day jobs.

Just look at Hillary Clinton. Earlier this week, she was on The Daily Show (again) playing coy about whether she will run for President in 2016. She has done this “maybe yes, maybe no” game so many times that it has become a press tactic to promote her new book.

It doesn’t even matter if she decides to run — she is already getting all of the money and attention that she could ever need!

The only thing worse than when politicians pretend to be celebrities is when celebrities pretend to be politicians.

This was on full display earlier this week after the unfortunate terrorist attacks against Israel. Both Rihanna and Dwight Howard tweeted and then quickly deleted “Free Palestine,” claiming that the tweets were accidental mistakes.

Although their tweets are not as bad as Eddie Vedder’s malicious rant against Israel at a recent concert, they are still recklessly harmful. It is our duty as Americans to support Israel, the only democracy in a region rife with fundamentalism, human rights abuses and terror.

This past week has shown that politicians and celebrities should stick to what they know.

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